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Oct 10, 2012 4:00pm PDT
on the rest of us. what are they doing? some of the employees are literally striking back. for the first time in 50 years there was a multi-city strike in walmarts across the country. one of the reasons why they were striking initially because they didn't have ceiling fans in the warehouse they were working in. do you know how hot the warehouse was? 120 degrees. put in ceiling fans for the love of christ. now there is a report in arkansas about some of these strikers. >> protesters figured they had seen every top honcho in the company if they showed up, and they did in mass. the protesters are with a group called "making changes in walmart." they came from dallas, miami san francisco, they're complaining about low wages lack of benefits, safety concerns and lack of opportunities for advancement. >> cenk: so now in cities across the country, dallas seattle miami, los angeles washington, d.c. san francisco sacramento laurel, maryland, theythere are strikers. employee ins across the world has come to join them as well. it's an interesting movement that is taking place one that walmart is not hap
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. a man who is actually progressive. the man who used to be mayor of salt lake city and the man who joins us now. rocky, i want to ask you about progressives and the debate, but first i want to start with mitt romney. you actually knew mitt romney back during the olympics of salt lake city. is that the same mitt romney that we see today? >> not at all. he's unrecognizable to my. not only inme.not only in terms of radical changes on so many circumstance, but he comes off as so out of touch and a little bit clueless, not the kind of charisma. when we knew him during the olympics he was a good reasonable moderate guy who was pro-choice pro gay and lesbian rights? how else would he have won the governorship of massachusetts. the things he has done to change himself, he's very uncomfortable in the skin that his handlers have had him crawl into. >> cenk: now rocky i understand that he does not actually hold those positions that would be my guess as you're indicating here. but the guy's core seems to be do whatever i got to do to win. wouldn't that have been the same guy who says i'll do whateve
Oct 19, 2012 4:00pm PDT
biggest city in ohio. it was named parma because it was the first place of parmesan true. >> there is no way that is true. >> or is it that true. >> vote now. >> i'm barack obama. >> i'm mitt romney. >> i approve this message. >> the good people of parma like other ohioans, like the other people of ohio, can barely get through the episode of real housewives of akron without being bombarded with political ads. like in los angeles our commercials are about kim kardashian and her boob jobs. what is it like for presidential elections. >> i get sick of the phone calls. 20 a day. >> 20 phone calls a day. >> about that. >> i don't get 20 regular phone calls in a month. i should move to ohio. >> personally, i don't care who you're going to vote for as long as it's not romney. >> aren't we biased. >> why would you say that? >> because you're from l.a. >> forcible rape. >> how can you support that. >> i wish i lived in new york because it's not a swing state. >> are you a family? >> um, she's a close friend to me and my wife. and she had an opportunity to come to the rally in parma
Oct 30, 2012 10:00pm PDT
the major cities are working is philadelphia mayor michael nutter. he's also the president of the u.s. conference of mayors. mr. mayor, welcome back inside "the war room." >> thank you governor. and first let me start by saying that our hearts, our concern but also our expression of support at many levels go out to mayor mike bloomberg in new york and other mayors in new jersey and other cities. we've already sent some personnel from philadelphia up to new york and to new jersey to try to be as helpful and supportive as possible. these are devastating circumstances. our deepest sympathies to those who have either been injured or certainly family members of those who have died. this is the toughest time to be in public service as you certainly well know. and i just want to state that from the start. >> jennifer: yeah, i appreciate that. it is a great statement of how mayors and governors often put aside their partisan politics when human life is at risk. there is real damage and pain. thanks for stating that and for b
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)